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A Year of Living Positively -DAY 111

111-that must mean something to some people. It reminds me that two Buddhists I know said that they recently completed a program of 111,111 prostrations towards their development as advanced Buddhists.

Whatever it means, today I awoke after a decent sleep and the creative juices started to flow (just like my runny nose as my allergic reactions also are reawakened-ha, ha). I have in mind the next steps for my writing.

There is this blog. In a few days, I will package and upload the first volume of A Year of Living Positively to the ebook publishing site. I will continue to complete the project, even though there are spells when I don't seem to have much to say other than report on my daily life. I have already stated that I am working toward using the blog material to compose a book discussing cultural renewal in 2015. That's what the grant application is for.

Secondly, I think I have found a solution to completing novel number four, the untitled project that is currently suspended. I could not see where the story was going. Despite the interesting characters and their intriguing predicaments, my idea of threading them together has been vague and, though I have a lesson in mind to express through the book, I had not completed the plot. Now, as of this morning, only about 30 minutes ago, I think I know what to do with it. I have thought of a comical surprise ending.

Thirdly, what about my next novel? I have been tossing some hazy ideas around, from time to time, but they are so hazy that I cannot even remember them. Now as of about 28 minutes ago, I have determined what a worthwhile theme would be, and that is some story on the theme of a woman's experience in leftist activism in Canada. That story needs to be told and no-one has told it as a book, as far as I know.

It is good to have some writing dreams, concerning fiction and non-fiction, in mind. It is good to be on some path as an author.

I don't know why the ideas suddenly popped up this morning, except that it happens when I have a little extra time on my hands, and when I am fairly well rested, and, I suppose, after a period of subconscious processing. I guess it also an outcome of this blogging because it allows me to reflect and record, and make discoveries in the process.

This blog is turning out to be successful in a number of ways. For another thing, the readership is growing. This week, the website provider tracked around 180 views of the blog on March 31 or April 1 (depending on the readers' time zones).

It's also been a good day with respect to friendship. J of my building and a nearby office dropped by for a chat this morning before N came by to get me for our lunch together in the staff canteen. There, N and I ran into another mate. Later today, I recalled an outing with friends during one previous cherry blossom season when C took a group of us to Jinhae to experience the annual grand festival there and posted a photo of some of us posing before blossom laden boughs. C and at least one member of that group have responded to that posting.

I recently bought a bag of very ripe tomatoes and enjoyed in two of them along side some friend mackerel and leek for supper. They are the most tomato tasting tomatoes it seems I have enjoyed in perhaps some years.


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