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A Year of Living Positively -Day 106

I thought I would get a swim in late this afternoon after doing some stuff on campus but a quick review of my teaching preparations for Monday (tomorrow) proved I would have to stay and get more work done. I had completely forgotten about a stack of 45 essays to mark.

I made the discovery after spending a couple of hours completing a whole kit of Canadian tax forms for 2012. After doing that, I was looking forward to a vigorous swim.

My dream of swimming was thwarted by the necessity to get at least half of the marking done, the batch of writing assignments of an entire class that I must teach in the morning. That class meets on Monday and Tuesdays, so it was the priority in terms of this marking.

I started the job at around four o'clock and it was seven-thirty when I finished. If I thought  swim would feel good before I started the marking, my body was crying out for the chance to stretch and relax by then. I would not have tackled the tax forms today, had I remembered to do the marking first. Oh, well.

I cooked a proper dinner at home despite the late hour. I will probably sleep well tonight, after a tense night spent waking up a couple of times. I am sure the extra mug of coffee yesterday morning in addition to watching crime documentaries at bedtime were the causes. 

There is no end to all the crime show videos on Youtube. They are in handy lengths of 20 to 45 minutes, as opposed to full feature documentaries or movies. It is easy to open one up and let the narration lull me to sleep. In fact, I often never hear the solution to the crime because I have fallen asleep during the viewing, waking up enough to realize the video has ended and that I need to turn off the equipment. I was watching videos from the Dr. Phil show, and found them quite stimulating, though these particular interviews were not the best bedtime material, being on the subject of child molestation and such. I know better.

I cannot offer any deep insight to our theme of positive thinking or the topic of the need for cultural renewal tonight for I am too drained, and too uncomfortable to work at the keyboard longer. Besides, the rice just finished cooking and is ready to eat now.

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