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A Year of Living Positively -Day 105

I am tired this afternoon and it is a dark rainy day, so better to stay home. The presence of yellow dust seems to create rain.
Often, you can go farther by sitting still. Let’s see what can be produced from the blogging this weekend.
I do wish to go swimming again this weekend, but my arms a little tired already today because I carried heavy bags of groceries home this morning, then tackled some scrubbing in the bathroom and food prep area. I am sure that I’ll feel stronger and in the mood to go out tomorrow. I can take the bus to the pool after making the international calls and doing some paperwork on campus tomorrow afternoon.
I started the day the usual way with the morning tidying and puttering, then sipping coffee while playing games on the laptop. I've been playing the little cooking, crime investigation, word and “jewel” blitz games in between reading news articles, studying Korean and performing little household tasks such as cooking and laundering.
Having gone out and gathered a stock of supplies by mid-morning, I decided to make myself a full meal for lunch. I boiled some penne pasta, made a small salad of tomato and zucchini with apple vinaigrette then fried up a whole red snapper. It was worth the trouble and very tasty.
I seem to have no further thoughts by which to extend my discussion of positive thinking and cultural renewal at the moment. Maybe some will be ready to hatch a little later today.

....It is later on in the day but I still have nothing more to add on the topic of cultural renewal. Let me talk about an inspirational figure instead. We should look to inspirational and model figures to help motivate, guide and educate us.

I recently read a brief bio of Louis Braille for the first time. He is truly an outstanding personnage. If you don't know it, let me tell you. 

Louis Braille had an accident which resulted in infections in both eyes when he was a child. He became blind. A bright child, the desire to read burned inside him. He earned his way into a prestigious school for the blind in Paris. There, he was able to read a few books because the pages bore embossed Roman letters. However, they were extremely cumbersome and few in number, besides. Therefore, Louis devised a new reading system for the visually impaired at the age of 15. While his school would not accept this system and teach it, Louis persevered and taught it to his classmates. He also began to make Braille books, transcribing from the ones available in the embossed Roman lettering. After he graduated, he became a teacher in the same school, but his painstaking and important work was yet ignored. It was not until after his death that Braille was integrated into the education and publishing worlds, and Louis Braille recognized for his outstanding achievements and dedication to education.

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