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A Year of Living Positively -Day 103

I am writing this in the morning. I slept in, relatively speaking since I often wake up by six o'clock. As I only have the civic employees class and the lesson plan is set, I can idle away some time and leave for the class just 20 minutes before class start time. In view of this luxurious window of opportunity, I have already had time to reflect and prepare this blog.

Because the topic of the lecture we will listen to in the civic employees class today concerns food, I have been contemplating food. More precisely, the TED lecture is about food production in the context of expanding population combined with expanding urbanization and growing problems of inequality, over-consumption of resources and food insecurity. The gist of it is to give recommendations with respect to improving methods of food production and distribution.

The speaker underscores the marvelous feats of food production technology and management in that a big city can get well fed today. For example, the city of London receives 30 million meals a day (probably for a population of about 10 million). However, many people are not eating well and some are not eating enough, even in the metropolises of the richest countries.

As to the first point, that is just how amazing the systems of food production and distribution are, I concur. Consider my breakfast. I enjoyed yoghurt from France, blueberries from Patagonia, kiwi from New Zealand and organic cane sugar from Brazil. Think twice before you complain about availability and prices of your favourite prices and be conscious of the extraordinary capacity of production and trade that can make such products appear on a table as remote from those places of origin as South Korea, and, furthermore, how such diverse products can converge in such a remote place. Let's appreciate it and be thankful to the farmers and other workers who make it all happen just so we middle class fusspots can indulge in such wonders. Do not trivialize it.

The TED speaker, Carolyn Steel, remarks how disconnected society members, especially city dwellers, have become. They have no idea where and how their food arrives in the shops, and they tend to take it for granted and demand more and better products and services without thinking of the problems of production and distribution.

Back to our main theme, positive thinking, and we can see than one fundamental principle of positive thinking is to be more deeply connected--connected to other humans, the earth, our bodies, our emotions, our intellect and the universe. The more and better we are connected, the more satisfied, reasonable, stable and content we can be. This is an emerging theme of this blogging project, it seems.

This principle of seeking deeper connections, naturally leads into another principle, which is to work to make the connections and enhance our understanding or "truth". That second principle naturally leads to a third, which is to be an agent of social change so as to find and speak the truth, and make positive changes happen, striving to make oneself and others happier by and large. That means being aware of issues and seeking ways and means to create and use different methods. That third principle, then, leads in to a fourth principle: being aware of issues be they personal, local, regional or international in terms of scope and relevance, one should look for methods to make change happen and be the operators of problem-solving.

It appears that I have stumbled upon the conclusions of the first volume (120 days) of this project. Who knew that this discovery would emerge when I set out to make use of my free time this morning to input another post of my blog?

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