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A Year of Living Positively -Day 101

Last night, I searched the name “Ed Wise” and found that many educators and educational companies use this pseudonym. It is also a real name.
The neighbour above cannot resist vacuum cleaning nearly every day, and is at it again. The nozzle evidently lacks a brush, and she is applying it to the hard floor rather vigorously, for I clearly hear the thing being pushed and dragged along the surface through the ceiling. What on earth is going on up there? I certainly am curious. However, I have other such neighbors whom I have nicknamed “Thumper” time and time again, because they love to move furniture and other objects around, thumping and knocking and scraping the floor above me at all hours. I had an outburst on Sunday night, when the occupant was at it at 11:30 at night, and banged a mop head against the ceiling heavily, then stormed up to the apartment door ready for a confrontation, but the d---ned so-and-so just ignored me.
Y’s printer is set up and running well. I carried in her bright and gaudy big shopping bad and  hailed a taxi at the top of our street, rather than lug the pig all the way up the campus roadway. I just connected the cords, and it was ready to go. I quickly did all the printing I wanted within a few minutes!
That enabled me to finalize a registration form for the Public Lending Right service and post it in the mail today. I don’t know whether it will be accepted as I am a borderline case. This service, you see, pays cash to selected authors for published works collected in libraries and store shelves. There is a system of single lump payments for every acquisition of each edition. To be eligible, one has to have contributed to a published a book. I applied based on my book, Impressing Heaven, for it has an ISBN and is properly published online, and exists in paper form, although most primitively in self-published and photocopied format. Copies of it are present in the SFU Library and the Vancouver Public Library, as well as the library at BUFS.
Don’t get excited, for the PLR only pays about $50 per acceptance of a set of copies in a store or library, and the payment depends on a few conditions. Authors, particularly sole authors, are paid the most, of course. Registering would be another feather in my cap, and another sign of people’s appreciation of literary products, so it is nonetheless useful to have a PLR payment on the record, however small.
I was not successful in wiring the conference fee payment to Italy this morning, however, as my salary had not yet been deposited though it is payday. I guess the salary deposit got made this afternoon, but it was too late since I had to work and could not return to the bank then. I therefore believe that it is likely that I won’t get away with paying the discounted fee for early registration, considering that the deadline was yesterday, in spite of correspondence from the conference organizers saying that a payment today would have been acceptable for they did not get their payment today. Rats. It is a discount of some $100.
My horoscope said not to spend money today because it would be a bad day to spend money, so perhaps my failure to make this conference payment was a good thing. Ha-ha! I only glance at the horoscopes out of curiosity.

S reported that the trip to visit a political prisoner in Jeonju went well on the weekend. He made it down there with the lead activist and a couple of Indian guys from the migrant center, to make a truly international visit. Now he is sharing information as part of the campaign work to make others aware of the story and get international attention to the matter. Good work, S and company! A second visit is planned because even a group visit is only allowed 30 minutes in one visit.

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