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A Year of Living Positively -Day 100

One hundred days of blogging!
It was the usual busy Monday, but I was ready and armed for it by my trip to campus the day before, and the extra time spent reviewing things late Friday afternoon.
It was a good day. I administered and marked the first set of quizzes.
The freshman class did quite well. They are so excited to be alive and studying that it is a joy to be with them. They readily express joy for learning and are always inquisitive. I receive such an enthusiastic greeting when I enter the classroom, and they are full of laughter. What a presence in the classroom? I’ve never known a freshman class to ask so many questions about the material, so incredibly keen on classroom interaction on the course work. Usually, they are so shy they need plenty of prodding. I think this group is party of the “in” crowd. The most popular and vivacious girls are always at the center of the class action, but they are very bright. When we do exercises together, they quickly and fearlessly call out their answers, and they are usually correct. They are very nice and kind, and I can see that their rapport with the others in the class is growing, so I have no concern or criticism.
Some teaching staff appoint class leaders. I usually do not, for I find that leaders emerge and the students sort it out themselves. I know who the leaders are, and see their role develop without me making any official designation. In Korean society this is what is expected and what happens. Students always look for and to a leader among them.
My printer kicked the bucket this afternoon. I simply left it for fate at the recycling bins in the hall. I was left stranded and a pivotal moment when I want to complete some paperwork that is bound by deadlines.
Luckily, I happened to see Y and she invited me to go to her place to get some printing done on her machine. I went but it turned out that some of the documents I need printed are “protected” and their downloaded versions are “read only” and cannot be printed, meaning it is necessary to print directly from the website.
We chatted but Y’s steady smoking was too much for me, especially because the allergies have been making my eyes puffy and itchy. Some say the yellow dust from China is blowing through. It is indeed the season when that tends to happen, and I get a little hay fever at the start of spring regardless.
Y was bored, being without the internet still, so I gave her a copy of my book of short stories, Impressing Heaven together with an old copy of the Korean novel called Please Look after Mom, and lent her a book of short stories written by a friend back home labeled, Love in Beijing and other Stories.

Before I left and said goodnight we made an arrangement for me to borrow her printer if I carried it to the campus. I took the thing, which is twice the size of my old one, because it is of the same brand as my now deceased one and appeared to be compatible enough for me to hook up to my office equipment.

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