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A Year of Living Positively -Day 97

I am at home waiting for B to arrive. It is her birthday today so I invited her to come over for a glass of wine but she has not shown up yet. Maybe she found a better way to celebrate.

I hurried to get things done then beat it to a bakery on the way home in order to pick up a bit of cake for B then go prepare a quick dinner. Meanwhile, someone was wanting to discuss something important over a chat line. It was a colleague of sorts who used to collaborate to organize a support network for foreign teachers. Now he is encouraged by some breakthrough in labor law and the offer of a Korean organizer who wants to work on setting up a union for foreign teachers working in the private academies (the private after-school neighborhood institutions mostly for children) where the most help and support is needed. That's good. He wanted to talk to me about his plans. 

We are not going to work together though because we don't see eye to eye. He lacks a vision. His understanding of unions is quite limited, as his experience and angle is charity work. If he were the kind of labor organizer I'd like to work with, he'd be talking about the injustices and he'd be connected to and concerned with the direction of society and the issues that the people are struggling with, and passionate about the disadvantages and needs of workers, in this case teachers. His approach is all the nuts and bolts of the logistics and legalities of creating a structure, and he sees the politics of the union movement as separate and alien to the fundaments of organization. 

He has confessed to me that he has a mental disorder that lends itself to obsessively tracking details, and that no doubt influences his preferred style and concerns of organization. That is yet another reason to stay out of it. Communicating with him can be difficult.

Today I wanted to register for that education conference that is happening in Italy in June. The deadline to register at the reduced fee is Monday and it is Friday. I had trouble with the technicalities of the online registration form, of course, but I managed to send something off by email. A second problem is that they will only take the payment via a bank transfer, and I may not be able to get it done at a bank that is open on Saturday, and therefore miss the deadline. I plan to find a bank branch that will do it tomorrow. A third problem is that I don't have a resident permit card at the moment; I only have the official certificate that the officer gave me yesterday and I am not sure that a bank will accept that.

The ivy sprig sprouted a new leaf early this morning and it has tripled in size since then. On the subject of plants, I mounted a hook on the tiled wall beside the cooking area and hung a creeper there. I don't know that kind of plant it is, but it has small hard dull green leaves on a thin vine and it is very hardy. It had been hanging in front of the window on the clothes rack and was getting bashed around. It will be better off in the new position, and away from the direct light.

I had a sound sleep for eight hours last night, and I look forward to another one tonight. I feel like sitting back and letting my mind vegetate for a while before bed.

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