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A Year of Living Positively -Day 96

A little red-eyed but it’s a good day. After my later than usual night, I was kept away by various goings-on such as the cooking of pork and the person above me doing her usual midnight housework; then I woke up a bit too early.
Not having thought about what to have my morning civic employees class do today, I got to my office a while before class start time and concocted a plan. I decided to get off the beaten trail and do something different. It’d been a while since we had looked a news stories, so I chose a couple to have the students read and discuss, and copied a conversation board game on the subject of the news. We have been talking about the growing socioeconomic inequality around the world, and it so happened that Yahoo news published a science article about a team of scientists’ concern about the future of human civilization in view of the trend of inequality combined with overuse of environmental resources. The students were really into it. The board game was taken from a conversation activities book. The squares bear questions that the players must answer each time they place a marker on the next square as determined by a role of the dice.
I had the class move around to sit and talk with different people in the class. This seems to be a relief to them as well as to me. I removed the sourpuss from the front row center and got her to go to the back row, and moved up some keen students to the front. I put the bad boy of the class at the back but in the corner well away from sourpuss because I realized that they clash. Actually, sourpuss was not very sour today; she was actually smiling a lot today.
It’s six o’clock and the babbling brook of students chattering their way down the road in front of my building that begins between three and four in the afternoon as turned into a roaring waterfall as they leave their school work for the day or head off to get some dinner with their pals. I got home from the immigration office at around four and began dinner. Some days, it’s grand to create a trickling dinner that begins at one hour and continues drop by drop over the course of the evening. I began with some pan fried guksan fish maybe a local species?). It was really fresh and tasty. An hour later, I created a stir-fry of mixed vegetables in olive oil. One more hour later and I am working on finishing up a small bowl of a cooked rice mixture and sipping apple and cinnamon flavored tea with it. I think I’ll break out the bottle of wine that remained from the house warming party and nibble on some peanuts and dried melon with it.
I am trying to be careful about my intake of fatty substances and wine or beer because my facial skin seems to have gotten oily lately. I know that can happen in the early spring, but I believe that my consumption of cheese and things like Chinese food and sweets of late have exacerbated the condition.
Actually, I picked up some skin care products to the tune of over 70,000 won yesterday (=just over $70). I had been figuring on getting some lighter face wash and face moisturizing lotion, and it was convenient, albeit dangerous, to just pop into the face care boutique down the street from my house. They tried to explain their facial cleansing system and I wound up with two sorts of cleansers, and a pump bottle of lotion, plus their little packets of “service” (complimentary) item including cleansing masks, which I really was interested in acquiring, and another tube of eye cream which adds to my collection of eye creams making a total of four containers of such stuff.
J of Thailand just came to the door offering a few strawberries and a bag of tomatoes. She went off to a department store and wanted to pick something up for me. I have been wanting to have some tomatoes, but they are priced too dearly at nearby stores. I guess I can replace the peanuts with strawberries!
J and I went together on an escapade to immigration, her to pick up her new resident’s card and me to submit an application to renew mine. The officer who was hassling my file was kind of cold and I felt she was hassling me a bit, but she haughtily accepted them. However, it seems procedures have changed yet again, as they seem to each year, and she took my old card. I have to return for the third time to pick it up in two weeks. Now I am practically credential-less, which is inconvenient because it is used to do everything. Even the beauty care shop staff wanted to see it when they signed me up to be on their customer list. I guess I have to put off getting home internet service some more.
Right after J left, Y popped in with a surprising little gift: an egg shell filled with water in which a sprig of ivy had been placed. The shell was placed in a cut and separated cup of a cardboard egg box. How cute! And how befitting the Easter season. She admitted that the idea was not hers; rather, she had learned the trick from an artisan down the street.

So I had a companion with which to indulge in the strawberries and wine. I brought out the Indonesian treats too. Y was in good spirits and the visit was fun.

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