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A Year of Living Positively -Day 89

The house warming party was sweet. Over a dozen residents of my building showed up. They brought too much food. It was mostly sweets, pizza and chips, though a couple of people brought fruit and nuts. I didn't save many of the leftovers myself; rather, I redistributed it. Participants helped clean up.

I set up a folding table and a used cardboard box turned upside down upon which I laid the plastic plats and cutlery, candles, cheese, crackers and wine. I had a few yellow balloons and some red ribbon to use as decorations. The party took place just outside my door. I had the stereo going with some classical guitar and jazz music playing loud enough to be heard out in the hallway. 

A student resident was disturbed but curious by the noise so she came to see what was going on and I invited her to join us. She just stood by the table, back to everyone, but eating as much as she could, then left abruptly without a word.

We introduced each other and a Brit English teacher named T took down names and contact info. We in effect thus formed the Namsan High City Apts. foreign educators residents association. We hail from many parts of the world: Myanmar, Germany, Vietnam, Khazakstan, the UK, the US, Canada, and Thailand and we have varying lengths of experience working in South Korea. They're a nice bunch of people and I'm glad we are neighbours and can lean on each other a bit.

My brain feeling a little fuzzy this morning, I went and did my duty to teach the civic employee's "media" class but came straight home after. I usually have lunch in the staff canteen with some students after that class but today I had no further work to do this afternoon, and I wanted to get home and rest. Indeed, I fell asleep for perhaps 30 minutes. I'll take the rest time while I can today, for I must report to the immigration in order to have my visa renewed and updated tomorrow.morning. After that, I'll have classes and office duties until six o'clock.

I did complete a couple of short online surveys for a couple of my associations and got caught up with some of my games. Other than that, I can sit back and do nothing much for the rest of the day.

The good news of the day? (1) The SFU library staff appealed to me one more time to attend their celebration of alumni authors on March 18, and I again replied that it was not a good time for me to travel. Too bad. They replied stating their regret that I could not attend. I so wish I could be present to be honoured for my work as an author.
I found out that my work was selected; they have not just included everybody and all their work. That means they like my writing and the story. Yippee!
I have pretty much confirmed that the rising activity on my website, especially the views of my blogs since December, was probably the SFU committee looking over my profile, history and work, as I had guessed before. That brings me to good news item (2): the activity almost ceased last week but is resurging with some 30 views a day over the past three days.

(3) Finally, I would like to add that I noticed some fruit tree blossoms for the first time this season. These trees are on small tracts of land on the slopes and are probably peach and apricot trees.

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