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A Year of Living Positively -Day 85

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon. It being sunny but chilly outside, I have stayed close to home. I am trying to type lying on my back with the netbook on a cushion. Internet access is down again.
I had to pick up more supplies and have been looking for stuff for the party on Wednesday, so I wanted to find a supermarket. The ones around here were closed—that\s unusual for such stores to be closed on a Sunday in Busan. I’d thought I would have to walk quite some ways but I happened upon a supermarket previously unknown to me in the next district over, and was able to get some of the things I needed.
Another minor coincidence occurred. I had been considering that it is rare to find plain yoghurt and yoghurt sold in tubs rather than cups, but this store had plain yoghurt in 250 cc tubs. Okay, it is probably not plain-plain and has some sugar and lemon flavor, but it’s better than other kinds of yoghurt in this country. Situations like this are seemingly mundane kinds of coincidences but uncanny nonetheless. They seem to happen to me a lot.
As another example, I had been wanting to find a good price on a new pullover for hiking and I came across some vendors setting up a table of athletic wear on a sidewalk near my store as I was returning home from the supermarket. I got a pullover and a windbreaker vest for a total of 20,000 (a little over $20).
I finished the latest bundle of files for editing last night. That\s about another $50.00,

I took care of some business for the ILPS discussion group since we are supposed to have the next meeting in a week. Teachers’ support group  (TEAKOR) partner, S, huddled last month to critique the group’s work and we decided that it is time for some assessment and regrouping. I therefore prepared a meeting reminder notice with a suggestion for some assessment of our work and to begin some analysis of contemporary Korean society. S and I also invited an associate of ours to talk about his observations of the underground youth political education and discussion forums that have been happening since last fall. I hope he makes the meeting.

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