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A Year of Living Positively -Day 86

It's probably around 10:30 p.m. and I am quite drowsy. It's past my bedtime. 

I spent some time visiting J/Y this evening. She is in such a light and breezy mood today, laughing at the world. She can be a good spirit to have around. 

Y is busy stockpiling stuff to build her new nest after, as she has explained, having built a fairly large one and then dismantled it after around 16 months abroad in an Arab country and gone through the trauma of tearing it down and packing and shipping what she could get transported here. She was so completely frazzled by the aftershock of the whole transition experience, that she was losing sleep and becoming dysfunctional last Friday. I am glad she is feeling better and the nest making and accumulating of pleasant objects makes her feel happy. I am glad to have a friend and one who is usually cheery and good- hearted.. 

More technical hang-ups were getting to me when she breezed through my office door full of playful devil-may-care late this afternoon. I had completed five hours of classes with a little lunch break squeezed in the middle, and taken a few moments to unwind by catching up with my daily games and messages scanning when it dawned on me how many necessary tasks were piling up. Some of them involve making awkward payments internationally and others purchasing unusual items. I also discovered that the notices about the proposed house-warming had been removed, making it necessary for me to redo and repost them. They are niggling chores. I was therefore glad for the interruption and Y's lightheartedness today. I guess I was feeling like soaking in some more of her sunny rays..

Well, I could not be sleeping right now anyway, because a crazy neighbor above me is moving furniture, washing clothes and vacuuming at this hour as usual. I complained last night when she/he was doing it at one in the morning. This behavior is similar to that of previous neighbors. I don't understand it. It is not the kind of unwinding activity I like. 

I am starting to nod off each time I pause to consider my next words. I had better shut this down and go to sleep now. There is a lull on the frenzied activity above me.

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