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A Year of Living Positively -Day 83

I continue to be cursed with technical problems. Like, tonight the internet service is very spotty, both with the provider and browser servers. Also, I could not sign out of my office using the fingerprint method, even after about 10 tries. Security and housekeeping are instructed to turn off hall lights after five o’clock, making it hard to see the keyhole at the bottom of the door. Furthermore, it is hard to copying done with so few machines available. At noon, I went to make copies in the prof lounge, but was told we have to bring our own paper if we want to use it. I could not access the department office because they we’re locked out at lunchtime, which is totally absurd. In my late afternoon class, there were no markers, and I could not use the projector right away because someone had not shut down the equipment properly, making it difficult to start up the projector.
Right now, the internet connection comes on, but the pages do not load. I am doing this blog on the Word document for now. This kind of problem really gets to my nerves, though I know it is overreaction and unhealthy.
On the bright side…I received a request from the library staff at my home university, SFU, who wanted permission to purchase a copy of my latest published e-novel, Take Care, for their ebook section. Hooray! I know what they’re getting at by asking permission—they buy one copy, then it is accessible for “lending” to many. At least those borrowing are restricted to library members with active card numbers. I replied with a “yes.”
Take Care is not in the best format for maximum readership. It is only good for PDF and word processing formats right now. I am glad that the librarians still want it nevertheless.
What other progress today? I prepared notices for the house-warming party for BUFS staff in our apartment complex. I have settled on the evening of the university’s foundation day, with is a day off with pay. It falls on Wednesday of next week.
Also, I completed the first week of classes. I was a bit unfocused today, having been disconcerted by the tech issues and distracted by a few interruptions and my personal plans. This new kind of open togetherness at work is healthier in many ways, because the glass front walls and organization of all department members into one special area increases the transparency and collegiality, but it does invite more interruptions. For instance, C likes to drop in to joke around and chit-chat.
C is also trying to crash my house-warming party. Well, I leaked the info to him. Now he is inviting himself. I don’t know how that’d work, though. He has that loud bass voice and is quite the talker and storyteller. He tends to be overpowering even though he is a gentle soul and does not intend to overpower. He has been concentrating on verbal skills so much, like with an involvement in Toastmasters, that it is indicative of someone who wants attention and wants to be an extrovert and charm. I will decide whether to invite him later.

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and the day of the Walk for Women that I have called together. The weather is holding up and there are approximately 15 at least who are in. I hope to post a summary and pics tomorrow.

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