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A Year of Living Positively -Day 82

I am very impatient with technical difficulties. My stomach boils whenever there is a frustrating technical problem that holds me up, or some new electronic technique to learn.

I have been having such troubles lately. I realize it is all part of adjusting to a new environment, but it bothers me regardless. 

One issue is the finger print sensor door lock system to my office. It has been working inconsistently for me in the last couple days. I have to swipe my finger more than once to operate it, and one time I could not lock up. I gave my office partner, L, notice that I had had to lock up manually using the key, and I thought we had an agreement that she would just use the key on the following day so as to ensure that I could get in. However, I arrived to find it locked both ways. I kept trying to unlock both ways without knowing when I was locking or unlocking each lock, the upper one that responds to the finger print trigger, and the lower key lock. I eventually got in, albeit after a few sighs and swear words.

I stopped off at the guards' office to tell them about the problem. They are coming to the office this afternoon to reset our electronic lock.

Another issue has been the spotty wifi internet access at home. I was in the middle of purchasing a gift for "uncle D" who is having an operation this week when the connection broke and I had to go into the system and re-enter everything again.

Also, the interruptions caused a delay in posting the Day 82 blog. I hope you can forgive me.

Well, I have sent a message to my Korean "uncle" who works with the telecommunications company, and he is seeing to it that we get a hook-up at a discount rate soon. I am organizing our house-warming party for campus staff living on the two floors in our apartment building next week, at which time I'll collect all the names and contact info for the participating residents.

Handling a lot of different electronic passwords and identities is also a pet peeve. For some purposes, like purchases with my Canadian credit card, I use the system so infrequently that I never remember the data, meaning that I have to search around to uncover the hidden passwords etc., which is always a pain.

The mouse device in my office is old and not working well. It does not always respond right away, causing me to click two or three times each time I want to input something, doubling or tripling the amount of clicking I have been doing. I should just replace it.

At least, I finally purchased a new monitor for my home entertainment system. I had been procrastinating because it is a big purchase, and I might only need it for one year if I move away next spring, but it will enhance my quality of life in the apartment substantially to have the big monitor. I was lucky to get the thing at a sale price.

I took the old one to leave sitting in the recylable materials storage and pick-up area downstairs in the garage, and met a former student of mine who happened to be visiting a friend in my building at the time. That was very fortunate. Aside from the pleasure of greeting each other and catching up, he was able to ask the permission of the guard about putting it there, and he helped me carry the heavy article to the spot.

Well, it is said that working through problems, that is massaging them, is productive in the maintenance of a positive outlook. I hope it has been acceptable to post a tad late. Later today, I'll do the Day 83 blogging.

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