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A Year of Living Positively -Day 80

The first day of the spring semester classes and the new academic year at the new campus is going well. I met two sophomore classes today. A handful of the faces look familiar as I taught them in previous semesters. Many of the composition class students are repeat students who failed composition in the first attempt last year.

I think my dogged approach will help these repeat students. I start with the building blocks of sentences, then look at compound sentences, then paragraphs. I only expect them to be able to write a simple essay of five paragraphs by the end of the course.

The second year conversation classes are nice. The students are shy as usual, but eager and hardworking. I think we'll have fun doing all the activities.

I was wondering how I would like the new classrooms because the inside walls are made of glass so that everyone can see inside the classrooms. It was all right, so perhaps it won't be as distracting to have that transparent wall as I had originally feared. The test will be the freshmen class, whom I teach tomorrow.

I plan to find some kind of sheer piece of cloth, perhaps a chiffon shawl, to use as a screen in my office. I envision taping such a thing to the door frame so that it obscures the activities within the office. I'd like to find a pattern or motif related to anglo-American culture if I could, but that won't be easy I think.

The Canadian neighbour is without her own office at the moment, as there was a change in the hiring, so she visited me to sit and use her computer for a little while. She (previously represented by Y, but really J) also visited me last night. She brought me a packet of thumb tacks which we used to tack a machine lacework cloth up on the upper section of the large window in my apartment. It's much better with the cloth there now, as it obscures the view well enough for me to dress near the window.

Other people came by my office this morning: CJ this morning, and the Russian prof, N, around lunch time. N brought me a chocolate bar from her homeland and I was particularly grateful for receiving it at that particular moment because I had not been able to get a lunch meal on campus owing to the narrow window of operation and the crowds in the two cafeterias that are operating so far, and a noon-hour class was about to start. I really needed that energy for that class. I think I'll have to rely on packed lunches at this place.

More tomorrow, as usual.

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