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A Year of Living Positively -Day 76

I was almost finished writing the blog for today when something interfered and the whole text disappeared. The internet connection is quite unreliable and I am using the little netbook because it has wifi capacity although it is slow and small. 

Right now, I cannot say everything I was writing when I lost the original text. I was describing something a bit complicated, you see. Let me at least try to say part of it.

I have not gone to the office, but I might go tomorrow to complete a little more preparation for week one of classes in the Spring 2014 semester. Instead, I went out to make a payment on the desk that I wrongfully aquired. I also went to explore a Top Mart supermarket in my 'hood and I picked up more supplies.

 I'm experiencing more technical hassles. Just before I started writing this blog, I was trying to figure out how to operate the laundering machine. I need to turn a valve at the start, and do everything in the correct order for the water to flow and the washing to begin, according to the instructions, but I haven't done it correctly, even after trying several times.

Before I was so suddenly interrupted, I was saying that I have been browsing Youtube exploring videos of supernatural phenomena. I have never heard recordings of what are claimed to be the voices of angels, but I have come across a few on Youtube and was curious. Some sound like moaning and strange non-melodic whining, but a couple of compelling. One that dates back to the 80s is astounding. The story goes that seven members of a church were in the church cleaning it in preparation for a revival meeting when they decided to practice the chorus of the hymn called "Hallelujah." One guy thought the singing was nice so he decided to tape-record it. He happened to have a brand new tape and he popped it in the tape-recorder and let it run on record as they sang the chorus a couple of times. The chorus is just the word Hallelujah repeated. When he played it back later, he got a surprise. Thousands of voices singing in harmony were heard in the background. Where they had paused between renditions of the chorus, a mysterious human voice of a man singing a previously unknown verse is heard: "Hallelujah, breathe it all across the land--everybody singing at the Lord's command. All the Saints and Angels wait to hear the news that Jesus and his children are coming through!". There is instrumental accompaniment, although nobody in the church had been playing any kind of instrument while the tape recording was on. An ancient style horn and a grand harp play here and there, and an unidentifiable sort of keyboard plays along the whole time. The harmonies progress and their pitch rises beyond the human ability. Furthermore, the angelic singers never breathe and their notes last longer than is humanly possible.

I also found some alleged photos and video shots of angels. They are all loose white and misty forms, often with the outline of wings, that float and billow or dart about in streaks. Many of them are not convincing but a few of them are and the context given is often compelling. I don't know about many of the cloud formations taken to be images of God, and so on.

We should remain open-minded and optimistic. We should keep our eyes, ears and hearts clean and wide open. There are thing we don't know. And there are consistent reports of evidence of some other dimension or energy source. I think it i worthwhile to investigate and pose questions, and contemplate what may be. That does not require turning into a mystic or leaving your worldly affairs idle, though.

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