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A Year of Living Positively -Day 74

There is no internet connection at home, so I have to do this in my office up on campus. Besides, the big monitor at home did not survive the move; it was dead on arrival. Forgive me if there are delays in inputting the blog to the web over the next while.

It is graduation day. Bouquet vendors have free reign to sell brightly coloured bouquets of roses and lilies, and nearly everyone wears black on graduation day. However, the weather rained on the parade causing the crowds to disperse for the day early.

I had to get up early to go search all around my neighborhood for my bank branch. I use the financial services of the postal service because it is a government service and not for profit. It was probably closed yesterday because of the national strike all day yesterday. I needed to go to a branch in order to transfer the funds to cover the payment of my share of the gas bill for the old apartment. I searched until I found the local one, only to discover that it does not offer the financial services. I therefore had to go to the next one area, the quaint district adjacent to the ancient temple called "Beomeo". It is a less Americanized kind of area with great restaurants and shops. I was successful in completing my mission and got the bill paid on time, and got to explore my new residential area to boot.

Next, after an early lunch of fast food (the local restaurants of which I speak were not yet open), I went to campus. First, I had my thumb print registered for the door lock security system and got the security pass card for late night use. Then I got my printer up and running and printed off a few pages before reviewing my class plans and settling on plans for the civic employees classes that I must teach today and tomorrow.

I was exhausted after the move and slept well. Actually, the place looks sweet. It is an improvement over the last residence in terms of appearance, and convenience on many points. For example, the fridge is new and bigger with a proper freezer. The old midget fridge at the old place was getting worn out; the icebox was over-frosting, the engine was making weird noises, and the door wouldn't close without a hard push and a kick. It's such a habit to kick the bottom of the fridge door that I find myself doing it to the new one. Another amusing tidbit is that I keep going to grab the wrong appliance whenever I want to open the fridge door because the laundry machine sits where the old mini fridge used to be in relation to the food prep counter while the new fridge is installed off to the side. In addition, the building is more secure with a guard station at the garage entrance and electronic keys. I don't have to worry about bringing the key along because we just punch in codes. 

I lost my vein of thought here. I have just been interrupted by a phone call because the landlord of the old place keeps claiming that I owe more money. Now she is saying I shouldn't have taken some of the furniture. Well, no staff, either of the tenant (my employer) or the building owner was there when the movers came, though staff were present to supervise and check for the other colleagues when they moved out of that same building, and despite all my pleas for assistance. Gosh! It's not my fault and now I may be without a table and desk. instead, they are phoning the staff of the English department when it is not a concern or duty of the English department. The facilities management personnel should be involved and they should have been in charge of the move. It was the responsibility of both the landlord and the tenant, BUFS to have take care of things properly. Now they are both harassing a staff member of the English department and me instead and demanding that I pay over $150 for a piece of junk. Really. It's thin laminated particle board and it came apart while being lifted, so $150 is far too much. I offered to pay $50, which is too much.

Anyway, what I was about to do before I have to go to class is upload what relevant photos there are on my smart phone. I have the campus photos, but the photos of the new apartment are on the camera, which is at home at the moment.

...I'm trying but they the images are always upside down when uploaded no matter my editing of the photos on the apparatus. I'll have to abandon the uploading of photos for the moment.

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