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A Year of Living Positively -Day 72

I am in a conflict with the management of my employer. Managers of housing are insisting that I have to make arrangements and pay for having my stuff moved, but I refuse because they are the tenant and it is their lease, and they are responsible for providing my housing. Their lease is expiring and they have to find me new housing. They have a place but they are being cheap about the cost of the move. I simply will not accept their demands.

A go-between kindly argued for me. The managers wanted to drag me all the way to the north district of the city just to tell me that I have to take care of my move, but I did not do that and the English department called on someone to act as a go-between. He has done his best. Now housing management are supposed to talk to the central management, which tells me that it's the bean counters at the top echelon who are penny-pinching and balking at paying for my move.

I should have faith in my own intelligence and confidence in my supporters. I glimpsed at my horoscope on the Yahoo website today, and that's what it says!

Daily Extended -Feb. 24, 2014
Today, when you suddenly feel an overwhelming affection for a person who you never even liked all that much, you will be awakened to the powerful force that is your compassion. Existing in a world with people who disagree with you is slowly but surely becoming something you can be comfortable with. The 'live and let live' philosophy rings true, and it can be liberating. Conflict can be a choice -- and it's one you don't have to make if you don't want to.

Update of my day at 10:30. The administration is cracking, for the assistant just called back asking how much stuff needs to be moved. Of course, there is their own furniture to consider too. 

I won't have consistent access to the internet for a few days after today, but I'll write blogs the same way I did when I was traveling: I'll write in a notebook and post it here when I can.

Update of my day at 2:00 p.m. My boss, Dean P, called to say that he was successful in persuading the admin to support and organize my move. Yea! 

On the way back from a cream pasta lunch on Pukyeong campus, I bumped into Myanmar colleague who was in the middle of moving as I re-entered the building. Uni staff and a Myanmar friend were there pitching in. I lent a hand too. The colleague said that they are making him pay, though they ordered a truck. Poor him! He just arrived from a two-month stay in Burma this morning, and was whisked off to a new apartment, just like that! I guess they ambushed him and he did not have time to dispute the arrangement. 

The most recent message informed me that they are coming to do the move tomorrow, but who knows when exactly tomorrow. The landlord's agent did not appear happy about the lack of an appointed time.

Well, EVERYTHING is packed, including my stereo speakers, so I have nothing much to do here for the rest of the day. I guess I have a good excuse to hang out at a bar this evening! 

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