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A Year of Living Positively -Day 68

No news about my move because our department head was in meetings off campus today. He assured us, nevertheless, that he will call the facilities management people and try to sort it out tomorrow.

I am glad to have some time to get psychologically adjusted to the prospect of living in Namsan-dong, just beyond the campus gate. After work, I took some time to walk around the new neighborhood to investigate what services are there. Next time, I'll do a wider circuit to discover more. 

I did find out about some trails leading from the campus inside the gate.
This is good to know because, as you already know if you've been following this blog, I like to escape to green spaces. Also, greenery enhances the living conditions. Up to now, we have had the good fortune of living on the perimeters of a national university campus. It is a typical government administered institution with wide open spaces and boulevards between buildings that are nicely landscaped with plenty of pine trees and shrubs, and some ornamentation in the form of fountains, stone work and public art. It has been pleasant and convenient to walk or bike around it and go beyond either to the UN Cemetery and park in one direction, over to the ocean-side conservation park in another, and north along the seawall to the beach. Where I am to move, we are actually on the slopes of a huge protected mountain, only some 550 m at its highest point, but at least 12 km in length. Also, one can hop on a local shuttle bus to access the forested paths that encircle a picturesque reservoir from a subway station just two stops away from Namsan-dong.

However, the new neighborhood is not as bike friendly as it is on a slope. I have been trying to decide whether to have my bike moved, or just discard it now. I think I'll hang onto it for now and see if I can keep it locked up in the garage. The garage is enclosed and guarded, and my bike is old and not a good make, so I think it would be safe there.

Now I must decide whether to take both my comfortable chairs to the new abode. I have a shoddy reclining dysfunctional massage armchair and I would like to have it in my office, if I could dress it up. Then, as our sofa has disappeared, I'd have a place to nap. If I go on a weekday, hopefully I'd be able to communicate a request to get it put in my office. Otherwise, I may have to abandon it. There may be room, though, if there is enough space for hanging clothes to dry inside the bathroom. I can use the clothes rack that I've been using for things that cannot fit into the closet and hung there, the closet is so small, because the new closet is more spacious and has enough room for what I have been keeping on the rack outside the closet to date. Yes, I won't need the bookshelf--it can be abandoned. I won't have a TV, and I think I have found a solution as to where to tuck away my two big suitcases. Perhaps I'll be able to keep the recliner after all.

Yes, the pending move is what is on my mind today as the late afternoon is about to be transformed into the evening. I am preoccupied with preparations to move. I washed out some cushion covers and a machine laced throw before dinner, so those tasks are out of the way. I know, I know. This is mundane stuff.

I'd really like to get my hair done before the move but I just learned that my favorite hairdresser has relocated to who knows where. She left a map on the door, but I can't figure it out. I know it is beside a school, but she failed to write the name of the school, and I could not find it around the local school here in this neighborhood. What a drag! It's difficult finding a good hairdresser, especially to do colour jobs on non-Koreans.

I just had a tasty meal with scallops and the leftover baguette. I get them frozen in half shells and just let them be steamed in a covered pan as the olive oil and juices simmer. I get a nice broth that way. Later in the evening, I'll do a vegetable stir-fry to complete the meal.

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