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A Year of Living Positively -Day 62

I canceled the hike to Bun Mountain and Bun Fortress in Gimhae in anticipation of better weather this weekend. Instead, I did some errands this morning like taking the recyclable materials down to the bins, withdrawing cash and paying utility bills, and shopping. As regards the shopping, I am buying stocks of food for my new office and home.

When about to move to a new abode, I would usually refrain from stocking up on household goods. This situation is different, however, since movers are being arranged to transport my things and there will be hired hands to lift everything. Since I do not yet know where I'll end up and what kind of stores will be near my future residence, I thought I may as well as buy some large quantities of things and avoid having to take public transit and carry big parcels home right after moving.

I started this blog exactly two months ago. For that reason, I wish to summarize some points about living positively that we have mentioned so far. I will do so in the form of a list of tips.

-Think of the kindness, happy moments and achievements that you experience from day to day.

-Pay more attention to the people that help you, build you up or generally set good examples more than those that under-value others, cause friction or disappoint you, and set bad examples.

-Adopt an outlook of positive thinking and see upside of situations as much as possible.

-Try to do things that lift peoples' spirits from day to day, like having little celebrations, joyful or mirthful moments, incidents of sharing and so on.

-Remember and take notice of successes.

-Take an approach of stepping forward and solving problems rather than dwelling on them and letting them hold your life up, as much as you can.

-Reflect on problem-solving and try to improve on techniques.

-Try  some hobbies and pastimes that give you some pleasure.

-Reach out to people; don't let yourself get socially isolated.

-Appreciate and take pleasure in the simple things such as food, nature, art, music, friends and co-workers, etc.

-Take care of your health (rest, sleep, recreation, check-ups, food...).

-Exercise regularly.

-Accept change and try to create change for the better.

-Collect photographs and keepsakes so as to have and hold onto good memories and take stock of your accomplishments.

-Write down your thoughts, plans, visions, and positive memories. A journal, story telling, letters to friends and families, and poetry are good ways to do it.

-Add color to your life.

-Budget yourself wisely.

-Take vacations when you can afford to, and take opportunities to travel.

-Do volunteer service.

-Be involved in the community.

-Keep learning through formal or informal education, reading, alternative and educational media, and discussion.

-Listen to others, ask questions and only make constructive criticism or offer suggestions or acknowledgement when you don't like what you are hearing.

-Make long and short term life plans.

-Identify yourself, and envision a future you.

-Identify your life priorities.

-Set goals and priorities for each day, week, month and year, and include how to spend your free time.

-Manage your time wisely.

-Have a daily routine, but be flexible for yourself and others.

-Measure and apportion your consumption according to what you really want and need.

-Have empathy and act on your social concerns in whatever ways suit you and are available.

-Follow your (healthy) passions and try.

-Focus on the present and what can or might be done.

Wow! That's a list of 32 pointers--almost one pointer every two days! So far, I've been reading the advice of others and giving my own advice with examples. I may collect more, but there can't be many more, can there? I think I will have to use them to develop a framework for positive living, a comprehensive description of an approach to life to help one live better and become a better person. Al;so, doing that will require testing these pointers and applying them.


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