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A Day of Living Positively -Day 40

Both the Skype online Korean "class" and the overseas live radio via Skype went reasonably well. I was interviewed after midnight, but I had succeeded in getting an hour's sleep before that. It was very early morning for I. It was the first time in more than seven years that I had spoken with the friend/ activist associate, I, who hosted the program. We talked about the recent developments in the labor struggles in South Korea. I felt that my speech was a little awkward in patches but then I have always felt like that when being interviewed. People usually say that I have spoken well.

The technology of the class is super. It's called KDA, if you're interested. I don't have a webcam on this PC system at home, but the other participants use them, so I could see them. The class hosts/ teachers also display an interactive power point lesson from which they can bring up visuals and write examples as though they were using a blackboard. All the lessons are well measured and organized up through several lessons. They focus on one lesson and refrain from packing too much into a single lesson at once. There are the study materials to look at before the online class, like the video lessons and worksheets on the same unit, and therefore the same points, so there is plenty of preparation and reinforcement that can be done at one's own pace and in the time required. I'm starting in the middle of level 1 in order to get a review of the basics. The important thing is that the tutor is there and gets us to practice each sentence structure over and over through reading and trying, then using visual cues to make the sentences ourselves, then asking a classmate or the tutor the studied questions with variations in the patterns and nouns. It's exactly what I've been longing to get as conversation lessons. Had I been taught this way from the beginning, I'd be conversing daily at an advanced level by now. Well, better late than never. 

Now I have renewed hope of succeeding at conversational Korean. I have felt some trauma at participating in classes where there is very little opportunity to speak and the teachers talk too much, go through too much material in a single lessons, and where the material does not distinguish daily conversation from formal written forms, and teaches grammar too intensely every step of the way. I gave up over a year and a half ago and felt deeply disappointed. I have tried to explain to English speaking Korean tutors and teachers what kind of lessons I (and many others) need, and how we deeply desire to be conversant and talk to Koreans in day-to-day life beyond survival talk. One can almost start to despair over the situation, and it is can bring about frustration and anger. I'm grateful to have another kick at the can. I really appreciate the efforts of Koreans and native English speakers in putting together a good program of learning especially for native speakers of English. What a relief!

Today, I can relax. I must take care of the tax forms by next week, but there is a resolution to the obstacles in doing that for the university administration will have the intranet tax form input system activated by tomorrow. Another relief. 

I am supposed to visit C and my Korean "niece", and we were thinking of trying to fit that in this week, but it can be done later at our convenience. I thus do not need to hustle and bustle in order to meet those commitments. 

So, I can have a quiet day watching movies etc., and begin to pack at a leisurely pace. Having watched another crime story in 50's film noir while waiting to go on air last night, I followed that one up by clicking on a Youtube suggested movie over lunchtime today, but it was a dud. Though it had great actors, the gorgeous Denzel and clever John Lithgrow whom I admire, it was over-the-top Hollywood blockbuster action thriller nonsense that would look better in the context of an action hero drama like Batman or Transformers. It didn't do anything to keep me relaxed, but I suppose that it was made to be stimulating though diverting. I fast forwarded the video over the last third of the time. 

The one I watched last night, however, was fabulous and believable thrilling crime drama. It starred the very alluring Jean Tierny and the drop-dead handsome actor, Dana Andrews, one of my favourites for his looks and his talent as well as the type of scripts he used to work on.

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