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A Year of Living Positively -Day 39

I'm a bit out of sorts today because I slept poorly. It was probably because I'd gotten somewhat wired up over the past three days of the meeting and doing computer and technical tasks. Also, I guess I got a bit antsy knowing that I have a number of things to do before I take the trip on Friday.

Well, watching a vintage gangster movie probably is not the right thing to do when one is trying to wind down for the day. It was a good flick, though: Kiss of Death with a beautiful hunky Victor Mature as the crook with a big heart who turns over a new leaf, and quite a young Richard Widmark as the vicious and cynical murdering thug.

There were some technical hang-ups in making the transactions to do the travel reservations and paying bills in Korea and in Canada. From yesterday to today, the business of trying to straighten things out and accomplish those tasks took up a lot of time. I also struggled to access the web form to input data for tax deductions. No success there. I hate that kind of fussy technical stuff. It's draining and unpleasant.

My sleep was probably disrupted by my fretting over dealing with such problems and getting things done on time throughout this week. When this up, sometimes the best thing is to get up and get some things done and out of the way. For example, knowing that my first conference-call Korean "class" is happening this evening, and realizing that I hadn't yet reviewed the video and worksheets for that lesson, I found myself digging around for the password, navigating the website and finding the set of videos in question at around two in the morning. There I was listening to the bulk of the four-video lesson set, then studying the worksheet and practice exercises.

The price of doing that and calming oneself by getting some yucky tasks done in the middle of the night, naturally, is not being alert and even-tempered the following day. I hope I can do the speaking lesson on Skype without nodding off. Also, I have arranged to be interviewed by a community radio show host in Canada, and must be wide awake at 11:00 this evening to answer questions. That's past my usual bed time of 10:30 or even earlier.

You know how things go in waves. I was surprised when one of my work supervisors contacted me advising that there was another winter class to teach in February. I had to reply with scheduling details. We, the teaching staff, had figured that talk of having that February class was probably just talk at this point, since it is the end of January and they were saying we'd be teaching by now, hence the surprise at hearing that it is going ahead after all. Well, I wanted to work a little this winter instead of traveling, and I got the work!

Maybe I'll be able to take a nap after the task of writing this blog today is done. I've been able to make a payment, and book train and hostel reservations for the trip, so maybe I'll relax a bit here, especially with the knowledge that I managed to make reservations just under the wire when the new year holiday is approaching and almost all the train seats were already booked up.

I keep telling myself, "Just wait. Those duties and tasks will soon be done and you'll have some quiet holiday time for at least a few days.

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