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A Year of Living Positively -Day 35

That was a good time last night. I believe that the violinist may have been on a hiatus and has just started to make a return to the stage, for she started out a little sour and sharp and sounded rusty to me. However, we were probably sitting to close for optimum enjoyment. I really liked the selections: Mozart, Copland and Cesar Franck. I can really relate to some aspects of Copland's compositions, even though they often have a classical American (US) sound, for I feel that I move and emote in a similar way when I hear some of this music. The last concerto was a classic modern Germanic piece, that the performers carried off well. The accompanying pianist was exceptional, in my opinion.

C greeted me at the cultural center. He was with a band of his co-workers (all men) including the company president and his supervising manager. They were really nice. 

C took me out with his manager and two other younger guys to have fish and drink after the concert. We went to a hwoe (raw fish) "house" in the Pusan National University district. This is a tavern with snack food for drinking. We had a bit of the finely sliced raw fish on mounds of rice vermicelli after some delicious side dishes like raw soybeans, tiny snails, mil-myeon (another kind of vermicelli served like spaghetti) in a lovely sweet and sour spicy sauce. They guys drank soju, but C got me some wonderfully light bamboo liquor. Then we ate grilled cod fish. It was so tasty we ordered a second helping. Following the bamboo liquor, which I shared with the others, C brought me some very light and slightly sweet chilled plum wine.

Yum! Grilled 구이 (cod).

"Happy" kidding around. Sorry no woman friend to introduce to you this time.

"Love" toast. Scandalous shot? Not really

C treated me like a date. He's a single guy after some 20 years of marriage raising two boys who are now in their late teens. He got divorced when his business failed and he got into debt. I can talk about it because his story's been widely told, as he is a great friend of the English speaking expat community. I figure the divorce was a pragmatic arrangement to avoid burdening his spouse with his debt. Anyway, I know he continued to see her after the divorce and display photos of him and her together. It's only very lately that he has referred to himself as single. He has always hugged me and kissed me on the cheek whenever he has greeted me or said farewell, and he did that a lot yesterday. It's nice to be treated like a woman and I like the attention. I'm just a good friend of his, though, and I don't think anything more of it. Besides, he wouldn't be a candidate in the romance department for various reasons.

I should be getting out and finding appropriate male company. A friend just told me yesterday that she's engaged to a European. I'm a little envious. She's about 10 years younger than I and divorced with two sons. Right on schedule, she hustled and found someone in time to make the transition from receiving child support and alimony when he sons are enrolling in college. She's trying to pack them off to Seoul before she moves to join her fiance in China where he is currently working.

When I got home last night, I thought of taking a trip to visit J because he has indicated that his long time conjugal relationship is over. That's a nice warm place. However, I don't think it is a good time for me to travel out of the country this winter, although I was curious enough this morning to inquire about deals on flights in February. Maybe later.

Anyway, the crown is permanently affixed. Last appointment on that job done. So what did I do next? I promptly booked an appointment with a hygienist. Not a glutton for punishment; after five years without a dental cleaning, it's about time for one. 

I turned in my keys after straightening out a grading hitch and sealing all the packed boxes in my and L's office. Last day of work at the old place! Yeah!

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