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A Year of Living Positively -Day 32

Today, I was all set to administer the exam with a list of questions for each student prepared and the marking schemata worked out. Most of the students have caught up with homework and turned in the assignment. There were some decent projects, after all, meaning that some of them got it. Exam done and a few of them aced it.

Needing to be comfortable and warm enough to work for two or three hours in the office this afternoon, as I did yesterday, I'm again wearing blue jeans and the new hiking boots. The hiking boots need to be worn in; I haven't worn them hiking yet since I bought them just after Christmas because I wanted to make sure and break them in. It turns out that they are a good fit and quite comfortable to wear all day.

You might think that some of the photos I insert in these postings are quite banal, and you'd be right. However, I've been thinking that the photos facilitate positive thinking because they add colour for everyone and invoke memories for me. Photos of simple things in life help one to marvel and appreciate ordinary things, serving to keep one centered and satisfied with daily life. I don't insert them mainly for the record. 

I think that the apparently banal has a lot to discover, if you consider details and make connections. Science is actually confirming that and teaching it to us these days. We have more wealth than we may think. There are worlds to discover right in your own backyard.

In an era where images of many people running marathons or paragliding sweep in like the wind through our lives, however, and rags to riches stories fill our ears constantly, and a steady parade of extravagant possessions pass before us from day to day, it is easy to fall prey to the bug of ambition and start to desire more than we have. Everyone is supposed to be middle class, and many who are not like to think they are, and they brag about world travels, expensive hobbies, personal communications technologies, and lessons in this and that, and it's infectious. The bug stirs up discontentment and resentment.

The mass corporate media feeds its audiences overdoses of excitement, making the extraordinary seem the norm. I think this is a factor that leads many people to feel inadequate or deprived or unsatisfied. It feeds delusions and false consciousness.

We may not realized what we have, and what there is to learn from it, as we yearn for things and experiences we do not have. People get into debt just to manufacture and image alone. They get into fights over what they cannot have. They are tempted to steal and some do. Some lose their psychological balance.

Keep your feet on the ground. Look in the mirror. Turn off the TV more often. Ignore those glossy magazines. Go look around your neighbourhood. Talk to people. Count your blessings.

I'm still saying it's good to make a plan. Your plans do not, however, have to be grandiose. Fit them to scale. You don't have to travel much to go far. You don't have to actually climb the Himalayas to conquer mountains, or sit in cafes in Europe to have romance, or go to MIT to make discoveries. You can find mystery and knowledge, fascinating people, wonders of nature, emotional highs, generosity, and new ideas around you if you are looking and your mind is open. You can make strides in personal growth, relationships and communications. 

Think positively!

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