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A Year of Living Positively -Day 28

No more morning classes! Today, that gave me time to go buy some groceries in the morning. 

I'm feeling better. The nose is not running that much, but maybe that's because of the anti-histamine tablet. It's actually hard to breathe through the nostrils at times.

I've been hanging around the cold office for awhile because I have been waiting until it's time to go see the dentist. My appointment is not until 5:30, which is unusually late for that kind of appointment. I really want to get it over with, but it concerns me that I can't breathe without opening my mouth. I just called the English department staff to get them to call my dentist. We decided to reschedule the appointment until next Tuesday.

I marked the class projects while another pair of boots were getting new heels. I only received four completed projects today. Well, two guys had one small page ready, but I told them to work on it some more. Jeesh! In fact, two students came here to do their projects. They were gone in 30 minutes, and the results are what you might expect. One of them missed the point entirely.

It's a simple thing to do, and everyone should get 80 to 100 per cent on it, really. The topic is memories of the student's life in 2013. They are supposed to create or paste some images and add a few words, using a minimum of 6 sentence patterns from the textbook. I've explained it again and again and I've been clear on the deadline. Come on!

I packed two more boxes, and my office mate, L, has packed one. She's new and wouldn't have so much stuff. I'll probably fill six full boxes to be moved.

Reserve troops were busy loading up big trucks with cabinets and desks from the Student Services Building today. I imagine they were clearing out the offices of the ROTC. 

I turned in my signed contract to the administration today. It's official. I'm an employee at BUFS for another year.

It's comfortable work that I enjoy. It comes easy to me. That's actually been a problem at times; it's a job that can lack challenge. However, dabbling in different programs with different types of students has been making it more interesting.

Regarding opportunities for me in Canada, I would be open to various options back home. I'm almost to the point of winding down my career. I'd like to go back to the philosophy of taking any simple job, but experience has told me it's never that simple because of the politics and competition of workplaces, the reality of employer-employee relationship, and people's assumptions and prejudices. 

My sister-in-law has been finding that out. She retired from a profession a few months ago, and has recently been thinking that it would be good to have a simple job in order to stay active. The simple job was getting stressful and exhausting for a while. Employers tend to try to push employees beyond reasonable limits, and are rarely satisfied.

Besides, labor is labor. I'm thinking, for instance, of the vendors that bring their pick-up trucks around the neighbourhoods, loudspeakers blaring as they try to sell off their wears such as crates of oranges, cabbage or used household appliances. I imagine that they either buy the goods and try to make a profit out of reselling them, or they are dispatched with a company truck to sell the goods within a time limit, then paid a commission or (hopefully) wages plus commission. They have to go about annoying people to get attention and attract customers quickly, and work early or late hours sometimes.

I still like to think of myself managing some kind of shop or working for a non-profit, where my maturity and experience are welcomed and valued, and I can make myself useful. I've tried before. It's still a dream.

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