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A Year of Living Positively -Day 22

Today is overtime payday. Yes, I do get extra pay for teaching extra classes. I was not working weekends and evenings for my main employer sometimes in December for nothing; it was necessary because of the extra workload added in December when the winter programs commenced.

Last night, I found a message in my email inbox from a long lost friend. I was relieved to hear from him as I had gotten a bit concerned when I couldn't track him down a few months ago. It turns out that he has moved, has new contact info and is living in better conditions now. I'm glad for him.

I'm preparing a few paper letters with new year greetings for my friends abroad. I guess I can get away with sending them at this late date considering that Lunar New Year has yet to pass and it arrives late in January this year.

I went out to join my hiking group, and thought I'd made it to the designated rendez-vous point on time, but I never spotted any of our gang. I don't know what happened. Anyway, it turned out for the best in the end, because I was noticing that my knees were uncomfortable climbing stairs en route to the meeting location.

My knees get sore under the kneecaps after a vigorous hike or bike trip followed by repeated climbing of stairs and hills. It so happened that I had to make several trips up and down our campus on the hilltop after having done the big strenuous mountain climb in Yangsan on New Year's Day, which entailed a very steep initial ascent and final descent, with three bit peaks and several small peaks in between. I had to go up and down stairways in various buildings on both Thursday and Friday, which aggravated the knees. It's time to give them a rest. That's when yoga or some such alternative is actually better for me.

The campus, although positioned up on a foothill, is flatter. And, guess what? There are actually elevators there!

I ended up walking around a lot today anyway, and my legs feel tired. That's a sign that I probably would've had to give up the mountain hike and make a descent early.

I got tired browsing through the underground malls. They hold the traditional community markets in various areas of the city. The traditional markets are always bustling for that is where many people work and where many middle-aged and elderly people of the working class shop and hang out. You can find some great deals and there are some kinds of products, such as artwork and health care products, that are hard to find elsewhere. I found a decent pair of sunglasses for only 10,000 won (just over $10) to replace the expensive ones that I lost in the fall.

Then I went to make inquiries about setting up my iphone, and found an appropriate service, but was told that I'd have to return during the week. In phone stores, usually students work selling stuff while the professional staff take the weekend off.

I just had a chat message from one of my newest hiking buddies who took my advice and uploaded a talking book to his MP3 player. He was mentioning that doesn't read because he tires his eyes out working long hours engaged in technical materials and on the internet, although he wanted to read. He wasn't aware that talking books are easy to acquire these days, and that there are free ones available on the internet, as well as the necessary software, so I searched a website for him to get started listening to audio books. He's listening to a book today.

I just finished a brief translation audit. I've been proofreading translated academic article abstracts yesterday and today.

Now, I have free time and I'm wondering what to do with some cubed raw tuna. Should I try it raw or cook it with some veggies a bit? 

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