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A Year of Living Positively -Day 14

Friday afternoon and I'm home early! I've done this daily blog for two weeks!

Both of my eyes are a little red-rimmed today. Someone asked me if I had a cold today, but that is not the case. I believe they were strained yesterday from having concentrated on remarking 22 tests and calculating and reporting grades for a few hours. Another factor is that I woke up early this morning, at around four and I'm not sure how much sleep I got after that. Then there is the reality of my sensitivity to allergens, whatever they are. I mean, I still sniffle a lot.

Whatever the cause, both eyes were teary all day. I guess the minus degree weather provoked more wateriness.

These conditions affecting my eyes all tolled, I decided to neither stay in the office and work after class this afternoon, nor take any work home with me. I thought I might have to, but P our stalwart coordinator informed us today that the end of the semester is officially January 3, rather than December 31, which means we have all next work to finish the paperwork to wrap up the academic year. Yippee!

However, I dragged home a little piece of the office: the monitor from my desk. I need a temporary replacement at home, you see. This big screen monitor at home is slowly dying, and it's taking longer and longer for an image to appear after turning on the PC. After switching on the processor, the monitor clicks for several minutes while the power signal goes off and on, from orange to green to black. It's getting scary. When it does come on, the image oscillates and appears slightly blurry, which can't be good for my eyes, either.

Well, I'm not going to hook up monitor number two today, since this one is miraculously working somehow. Besides, this one is big! I've been privileged to watch movies and work on such a wide screen.

I now know that the campus office stuff will get moved to the new campus office on January 20. I've been told that I may have to teach a winter program at the old campus after that point, though, so I may as well have the equipment here at home with me.

It'll sure be great to leave W Building, the campus "ghetto" as some of us call it. It's dilapidated, dirty and things don't work well. Cloth curtains are moldy, ripped and smelly. The plumbing has had it. The roof leaks. W Building has always been the noisiest because (1) the construction does not exactly have the best acoustics, and (2) the immature freshmen (18 years and older) who have used this building more than other students have treated it like a playground since few Korean profs have offices there. No more! The halls are quietening down. I teach the winter afternoon class there, and it is the last class that I'll teach there. Yea!

A lot of stuff is being dismantled and trucked away these days. The main student cafeteria has been torn apart and the Korean studies and cultural programs office is getting the treatment today. The library is being emptied in stages.

Only six students attended the afternoon general English class. Well, I've warned them that the penalties for absenteeism are severe. Another thing, only one has registered online for the online practice, though I'd told everybody to get on it by today. I told them I check the system tomorrow, Saturday, to check that they've been doing online homework, but I have no intention of doing so. My plan is to check on Saturday. 

We settled the question of the workbooks, at last. I had asked them to pick  up workbooks but the students said there weren't any in the campus bookstore. Though the teacher's manual keeps talking about a workbook, it's actually a section at the end of the textbook, not a separate book. 

Well, I can forget about the classes for now, until Monday morning. It's quiet. I hear housekeepers cleaning an apartment across the hall. The Chinese colleagues apparently left on vacation this morning. I heard them up as early as I was, frying onions and whatnot. At around 7:30, I heard them wheeling luggage away. They are no doubt looking forward to being with their families in China until mid-February. I guess arrangements have already been made for their office furnishings to be transferred.

The biggest departments at our foreign languages institutions are Chinese, Japanese and English, naturally, and there are a few winter session classes in all three of those languages, though not in any other of all the foreign language departments. We are also the only ones who teach night classes during the regular semesters, as a rule.

I have no plans to travel this winter. I usually take at least a week to go to an Asian country, the warmer the better, but I haven't made a travel budget for this winter vacation, and I think I'll be busy enough with moving and teaching over the winter.

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