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A Year of Living Positively -Day 13

Crazy day! Up early to get to the medical center on time. Had to negotiate having the full physical check-up done there but I convinced a doctor in the Family Medicine department to authorize it. There are places that specialize in such services, but I thought it would be more efficient to get everything done at one spot since I had all morning available. I therefore had to go from department to department and queue up in each. In the end, I got an A on all counts. When I got around to seeing the neurologist, she also gave me an A for healing quickly from Bell's Palsy. She dosed out some more vitamin B tablets for good measure.

By the time I got to campus, I had 20 minutes to spare before my one o'clock class. There was not time for any lunch. Anyway, the class went well. Only 10 showed up, though I still have a list of 19 students. Some of the ones attending still have not obtained textbooks. Sigh.

Then I had to pick up the batch of marked exam papers from the English department office right away. I had had the opportunity to purchase a little gift inside the hospital, which was a box of some sort of Korean bakery items. I left the gift with the staff as a reward for having done a special favour for me. 

I still had to go through all those exams and remark portions, for I decided to be more lenient with respect to certain sections of the exam, and other sections required more subjectivity in deciding the scores. I had a couple of little laver wrapped filled rice triangles and some bagged rosehip tea as I tackled the paper work.

Overall, some students did poorly, though the results varied from student to student greatly. After spending the afternoon tallying the results and calculating the course grades, most of them were in the high B to low A range. According to the notorious grading curve, I ended up classifying most students as B+ or A, and rest as nearly all C+ without assigning any plain Bs. I have mixed feelings about this sort of outcome, but generally I think it shows effective teaching to a diligent class. By the time I had it all worked out and finished entering those grades into the university's intranet system, it was 6:30 p.m. I had to get down the hill and take a city bus, where I ran into P, the colleague who took over my old position as team coordinator this fall. 

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