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A Year of Living Positively -Day 11

The first lesson for the afternoon class went well. I felt I had it under control All the technology was operational, thanks to the help of the technical support team who met me in my classroom early to get things set up. I had it all figured out ahead of time from having tried it out at home. The audio play with the projected image of the textbook pages worked well, and I was able to give a demo of the online practice that I want them to do for credit towards their grades. 

One of the students from the evening first year conversation class, that evening one I liked so much, is enrolled. Huh. He got a B+. I guess he wants extra study to have a solid foundation. This is a general English class, offered to students not majoring in English with low competency in speaking English. It is therefore not a conversation practice class. They just listen, repeat and do gap-fill exercises.  In other institutions, a student could not take a lower level class after passing into a higher level category. I think this place has a more liberal attitude about that sort of thing, and prefers collecting fees to turning people down. Anyway, having him around'll be fun. He's a great guy and we get along well. He calls me Mom. 

Half the class members had not yet obtained the textbook. There were new faces, as some students had not bothered to make an appearance on the first day. 

One of them explained that he just got hired in a good job, so I made an arrangement with him so that he'll be able to get a grade. He must study and do the exercises, project and online practice and see me at the final class. I won't penalize him for absences. I can tell that he's intelligent and already has a higher competency than most of his classmates, so I allowed this arrangement. I've done it in the past and it usually works out. I prefer to see them succeed and I don't think it's necessary for either the studies or the job to be sacrificed.

The morning went well with the ladies from the city hall. I glanced around and saw how engrossed with and touched by the movie, Scrooge, they were. I think it's a wonderful depiction of the period, and of course an engaging story with the iconic and colourful characters including four entertaining ghosts. 

After the last class, it was pack up my belongings and head home, not a care in the world. I made it home alive after surviving one of the wildest rides on a Busan city bus yet. No work for a day and a half! I picked up some potatoes, hot chocolate mix and wine. After I settled in, I indulged in wheat puff crackers with Camembert cheese and Shiraz Yellowtail over a sappy 80's romance movie. 

Then I had dinner--more flounder with stir-fried vegetables and reheated brown rice. The after dinner treat was more wine and a couple of whole dried Mediterranean dates.

It's so quiet around here. The parties to rejoice at the end of the semester are over, and many students in the neighbourhood have moved out or taken leave. I've seen some the Chinese colleagues around. (I think one may have borrowed my bike. That's okay.)

I'm enjoying being hunkered down in cozy solitude with no pressing tasks to attend to, other than this blog, which is a pleasurable self-indulgence, really. I've created a mock fireplace by collecting and lighting candles in front of the hitherto mostly unused TV. (I knew that TV would come in handy at times, like when setting underwear and socks to dry, but I hadn't thought of making it a hearth before.)

The eye has been doing well. It still gets watery, but mostly while I'm outside in the cold air. I'm still lubricating it with eye drops. It's thus been two days without the bandage.

Well, I'll close this and get back to my apres-diner flic, an 80s two-hour made-for-TV thing. It's rather good, and interesting. It's a biography of Aristotle Onassis, starring the wonderful but late Raul Julia and a very compelling and dynamic performance by Jane Seymour as Maria Callas. I hadn't thought of Jane Seymour as a first rate actress before, but she has quite marvelous in this role. 

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