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A Year of Living Positively -Day 6

It's been a long day. A friend in the US just called me out of the blue, but I had to cut it off. It's an elderly guy (D) whom I regard as a surrogate uncle at this point, and he calls me a couple of times a month.

I had just finished marking a batch of exams, and was finishing the last of the calculations for grading them, when the call came. Ironically, both he and I saw Korean dentists today. He was saying that he was wearing the souvenir Korean T-shirt I gave him when he went to the dentists appointment, and it turned out that the dentist was from Korea and was pleased to see the shirt. D remarked that it was serendipity at play when I told him I had gone to my dentist to have the last of three roots of a molar packed. 

The tooth is not as painful as I had been told it might get following the operation. Because I'd just had the procedure, I had soft food for dinner--some sauteed vegetables with tofu and shrimp on boiled brown rice.

 I don't know why but I decided to add a little rice vinegar to the vegetables, and it really worked well. It made the eggplant and mushrooms especially flavorful. Of course, I'm just getting my full capacity to taste food back this week.

The day passed successfully; not only did the detailed schedule planning pay off, but I was able to cut time out of classes for one reason and another, giving me time to eat breakfast and lunch on the run throughout the day, and get some extra little tasks done, then prepare to leave for the dentists'. For one thing, I insisted on sticking to a time limit when I administered the exams. For another, I prepared an activity that the class of civil servants could  do on their own and excused myself quite early from their class. I arrived to the dental clinic with time to spare.

As of today, no more night classes! However, I worked tonight anyway because I felt it necessary to get one batch of marking out of the way tonight. I should be able to post the grades for two classes tomorrow, and take care of more marking and grading over the weekend. 

I marked all 11 8-page exams, and calculated all the marks and grades, with both eyes open! My left eye was comfortable all day, though it had been a bit uncomfortable during the night. I'm writing this without wearing the eye patch, though the eye is a tad irritated right now.

I have a new class to teach as of Monday, and I still have no plan for it. I just picked up the textbooks today. I've never seen, never mind used these books before, so I'll have to look them over on the weekend and come up with a course plan for Monday. I hope to get out for some walking or shopping, regardless because I've been so ill over the past month and busy with teaching that it's been a while since I've gone out, except to my birthday dinner and the outings with students. 

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