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A Year of Living Positively-Day 2

I'm frustrated with wearing this eye-patch today, but I know that is still necessary for a few more days. I'm trying to get by on less of the medication to treat the fading sinusitis, though I know I should stick to the 5-day regime so as to get rid of the constant congestion. In fact, my head feels a bit cold right now, so I'm wearing a wool tam inside the house.

I got some more messages of concern for my health from friends. I'm still getting birthday greetings, too.

I'm staying home because I know I should rest. I had wanted to ramble along the river with friends who had suggested a hike in my honour, as is our tradition when birthdays come up, but people were busy with other things and I really should rest.

I have had to do some work here at home, anyway. I just finished marking some exams and the results are disappointing. I'm therefore wondering whether I made the class atmosphere too friendly and caused the students to lose some seriousness. The students performed skits and their dialogues should contain content they studied. I gave them very specific instructions but, upon reviewing their scripts, I see that most of them did not apply all the lessons that were required. Reflecting on how the other class did their oral exams in this same course, I see that the results of the other class are much better. In the past, the situation has usually been the opposite, with the first class usually doing better. Well, they will all have to do the written portion of the exam this week, and we'll see how the total scores for the entire final exam pan out.

I also did some editing of translations today. This is a part-time job. I work with a team of translators who translate texts from Korean into English for Language Park, and I check and edit their translations. Things were in a slump for awhile, with hardly any work, but lately there's been more work to do.

 I feel sometimes that I work hard enough to rewrite a lot of the translators' sentences that I should be getting a higher rate of pay.  This thought was on my mind this past week, and I was thinking of giving it up, when I was referred to a new team. The new team is better prepared. I get whole texts in English, instead of half in Korean and half in English, which is harder to pick through, yet I get them in chunks of 1 to three pages, which is a lot easier to handle than 20 or so pages at a time. The files are labeled better and the English is written much better, as well. With this team, then, the work goes quicker, more easily and more smoothly. The best thing is that they pay me double the former rate. Yippee! Furthermore, the communications with this team have been very courteous and clear, and better timed. That's a relief, for sometimes I get jobs with short deadlines out of the blue and with messages that are hard to understand. Today, I realize that editing for this new team is going to work out fine. Good!

In my leisure time, I've been spending a lot of time watching various videos on Youtube. (I've disconnected the TV.) I follow one series or vein, then another. I watched all the Agatha Christie episodes with David Suchet as Poirot, for instance. These days, I'm into the Alfred Hitchcock Hour and Dr. Phil. Hitchock introduced each show very cleverly with a different gag each time. He also poked fun at the corporate commercials all the time. It's hilarious! I appreciate him making light of the mystery or crime dramas, and providing humour as a contrast.

I've only watched a few of the daytime interview show, Dr. Phil, before. I'm gaining a lot of appreciation for him because he does help a lot of people, and he treats them with compassion and care dishing out well weighed professional advice with the support of colleagues. I believe that his program truly is educational, and not just sensational, though I can understand that networks want factors that increase ratings. In know that he has the kind of personality that thrives in the spotlight, but that's okay. He does bring up some juicy topics and delves into some strange and tumultuous relationships. Some of the things that happen on the show are astounding, like during the interviews with persons accused of murder. In one show I watched recently, a true sociopath was exposed, even Dr. P. McGraw treated him patiently and with great compassion, being critical of his accusers, but the guy's detachment and narcissism with respect to the disappearance of his young son stood out in the end. (I learned that the boys remains had turned up in a forest in the area that he went missing, and so I'm sure that investigators are trying their best to collect the necessary evidence.) Another interesting situation is the violent teens who are abusive towards their parents and extremely uncooperative, throwing destructive fits when they don't get what they want. How manipulative they are is revealed. How parents create the situation also stands out starkly. Dr. McGraw asks the questions step by step and allows plenty of time for full answers, neatly exposing the truth and then providing a remedy that his foundation pays for. He also lends clarity to moral questions, so that the questions do not appear as confusing or murky as one might expect. To him, a fact is a fact. And yes is yes, but no is no. He doesn't get lost in the emotion or diverted, either. I'm learning a lot from the show, and I think it is helpful to millions of viewer. I think you can get tips and insight into how to regard people with problems and how to handle difficult relationships.

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