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Transition-another big day

After a three-week search and pounding pavement, I signed the lease on a one-bedroom apartment last night. I am please with my catch, considering the bloated market in this area. I turned down some inferior places, held out for the best among the available and got a decent, properly managed and good-sized rental at a fair market price.

Started updating my address and planning the move right away. Van-check. Moving company-they're working on it. Internet and TV cable, with new large-screen TV-check.

Transition-Making my Next Move

Feeling strong. Lots of precious positive moments. Today, for example, a wonderful intimate chat with my lovely hairdresser about helping people, who to help and who to let go. As another example, my present house custodian expressed disappointment when I gave my notice at the start of June, but he has found a decent guy to take my place, while I have a few hot leads on good suites in great locations. Further to those example, I am enjoying a car-share service at a very affordable rate and have taken care of errands and gone on an outing with relatives in need already.

Transition-arts and culture transformation

Just watched this TED Talk on "why live arts matter" by Ben Cameron.


Technology disrupting the arts and putting many sectors of live performance (stage and concert hall) on the verge of extinction, but there are benefits of this ongoing "reformation." More techniques and many more participants in the arts, broadening range of cross-culture and inclusive "channels" and implementation in activism on a wide range of issues, many of which that were previously unexplored.

trainsition - more ghosts

This past weekend, I saw more ghosts from episodes of my past in this life. It was emotional: both joyful and sad. These particular encounters happened in the course of attending political and cultural activities and relate to dramatic sagas of some phases of my life.

Attending a forum on political history and struggle in India, I came across more than a dozen familiar faces from my activism in the 1980s, which concluded in a very painful and exasperating way. These old comrades want to talk to me about what happened back then.

Transition - Positive Spin

From one angle, people might think I am not doing very well. Returning to my home province after a decade's absence, I have neither a full-time job nor steady self-employment after five months here, and I am still rooming in temporary, shared lodgings.

On the other hand, let's be positive and realistic by examining signs of my progress.

1.While I haven't been writing much, not even this blog, my website has had over 168,000 views, around 167,000 having accumulated since I started this blog around the start of 2014.

Transition - mid-May status

Regarding career and income, was hoping things would develop a little fuller and faster, but not so lucky. May 20 and I am doing part-time work with nothing happening with the small business.

Glitch in the small business works: after weeks of looking at and disseminating my flyer, I eventually noticed that the email address is given where the webite URL should be. Geez! Could not even get upset about that. No point. I just hedge my bets on others not noticing or, if they do, use good reason and figure the following.

Transition - Weird Day

Weird day--it felt like I had acute PMS, though that is not possible, and I went on a bizarre goose chase that eventually wound up on level ground. The roots of this twisted outing today, on a Saturday, go back to Thursday when the goose chase actually started, and when I again felt nervous about a housemate and did not sleep well on Friday night. 

I obeyed a directive by telephone interview on Wednesday to go to the Coquitlam Electoral District Office in seek of employment  as provincial elections staff.

Transition-Power of Positivity

A good webpage with simple positive thinking messages to keep things in perspective by:


Transition - Breathing spell

After around 10 days of extreme tension here in the house, I felt totally peaceful and content yesterday. There was some relief from a situation with a housemate. However, the atmosphere is a little nervous again this morning.

To recap my situation, I am in temporary digs renting a room in a shared household as I make the transition from life back in Korea to a renewed life here in Vancouver, Canada. It took a lot of searching and inquiries to find some suitable short term accommodations; I signed a rental agreement for this place offered by a landlord's representative without meeting all the housemates.

lTransition-Edwise business

Fulfilling yet another goal of my one-year and 5-year plans, my small business is officially off and running. I've had a name search done on the business name and registered it. Also, I am using a "virtual office" package which gives me space, postal address with deliveries and client reception, a phone line with voicemail and remote access and access to a fax machine. Moreover, I have ordered business cards and flyers. I've even placed some free online ads.

Edwise Editor and Education Consultant 

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Transition-another big day
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trainsition - more ghosts
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