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Just Peace - relations with N. Korea

Next week, the Canadian foreign affairs minister is due to meet with the US Secretary of State to discuss relations with North Korea. Here is a letter I have drafted on behalf of the ILPS in Canada giving our position and making a recommendation to the Canadian government so as to defuse the situation and find just peace in Korea. Please note we have yet to discuss and refine this letter.

January 2, 2018
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Re: Canada’s position on North Korea

Just peace: my 2017 in review

Keeping in tune with positive thinking, I will review the past year of my life. (I have not come to any summary of the political world of 2017 yet.) In sum, it was a time of successful growth and more new experiences.

The biggest thing, of course, was packing up my life in Korea, moving to Canada and creating a new home. That was a major transition; hence, the theme of my blog in 2017, which started out, by the way, on my 60th birthday.  Well prepared and optimistic, I made a smooth transition.

Just Peace - anti-imperialist impetus

I am still mulling over some of the ideas that I wrote about in the last two blogs. I spoke about my affinity toward religion in general, despite my doubts about organized big religion. I said that I have faith, though I am a little foggy on what I have faith in.

Here is a quote from the December 24th entry:

"Faith in what? Call it goodness, the power of life, positive energy--having faith can largely mean believing that improvement will happen, that goodness is there, that negative or life-threatening and defying energies or forces can be vanquished, that there is a higher (collective) consciousness trying to guide humanity to make wise choices and defend the good or life.

Just Peace - revolutionary Jesus

I watched some of the Christmas Eve Mass at the Vatican. I was especially interested in the Pope's message. He came through with advocacy for being kind to migrants forced from their lands, the outcast and the poor. He used the story of Mary and Joseph making the trip to Bethlehem, a city strange to them, where they found now sympathy and help. She gave birth to Jesus in a stable. This was a good allegory by which to bring up concern for refugees and other migrants.

In this address, Pope Francis referred to Jesus as a revolutionary.

Just Peace - peaceful day

It's a peaceful day. Significant holidays can often feel peaceful, at least in one's own universe and despite the larger contradictions and points of trouble around the world. It is fulfilling to be able to rest; a holiday is a respite for many. The underpinnings of the global and local economies remain, and some machines are still grinding; not everyone gets a holiday or can afford to take a day off. Nevertheless, the underlying ideals of a religion- or/ and tradition- based day or season of remembrance, positive values, solidarity, and celebration make one pause, whatever their situation, to reflect and breathe.

Just Peace - Jerusalem

Today marked an historic rejection of US influence as 128 member countries in an assembly of the United Nations Organization voted to refuse the US' declaration of Jerusalem as the new and true capital of Israel. Many more abstained, Canada being one of them. (Canada a bit gutless in its stance with the US these days...)

The Trump imperial regime of the US-led global empire was thus slapped. And so it should be, for its aggression, meddling, threats, and general contributions to the oppression weighing on the masses around the world today.

Just Peace - cold fusion experiment(s)

I was just introduced to the work of a physicist by the name of Dr. Judy Wood. You probably haven't heard much about her, unless you are involved in physics, yourself, and then only maybe, because she is being shunned by some of her peers, state officials and media. That is because she has been speaking the truth, as best she can using her knowledge and skill as a scientist.

I watched a video recording of her speaking at a conference and am still reeling from the information she shared. It concerns her observations and conclusions in examining the case of the World Trade Towers attacks.

Just Peace -internal solidarity

Welcome to the next phase of this blog: 12 months in the theme of "just peace." An recent incident in my life relates the issue of maintaining peaceful relationships, so I will share and discuss it in this, the first entry of the "Just peace" blog.

Keeping the peace within groups, whatever their basis for forming, can be difficult. Sometimes an accepted leader emerges who can get things done on their behalf, or who can smooth out ruffles and facilitate resolutions to conflicts.

Transitioning-2018 theme of just peace

The next phase of this blog begins around my birthday, which is next week. I have decided on the angle of "just peace" for the next phase of my blogging project. I explained my definition of just peace in the last entry. Now I want to explain how I intend to treat this subject, remain consistent and build on my previous themes of positive thinking/optimism and transition-making. 

I will still reflect and comment on the meaning of positive thinking, relate some of what is happening in my life, chew on the process and value of journal-writing as I tackle the problem of just peace.

Transitions - transitioning into a new theme

This is the time of year when I make plans for the next phase of this blog. What will the "transitions" phase transition into? I look to my soul for that answer. The next theme emerges from the previous year's work and circumstances. 

The "Transitions" theme emerged from the circumstances of my quitting work in Korea and moving back to Canada just around my 60th birthday. I continued to build on the overall theme of positive thinking, but dwelt more specifically on becoming a senior, the intercontinental move, resettling and career development, aspects of my transition.

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Just Peace - relations with N. Korea
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