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Just Peace -people's injunction

This is a novel idea in the conflict over an oil pipeline, storage and shipping expansion happening in British Columbia. It is a response to the US oil industry corporation after it had an injunction against protesters who have been on the streets outside its gates.



With this document, we residents of Burnaby and outlying areas, hereby notify Kinder Morgan, Inc., serve an injunction against its pipeline, berth and storage expansion in Canada’s Western region, particularly in and around Greater Vancouver.

Just Peace-people power

I submitted this essay to a national newspaper; don't know if they'll accept it. Regardless, I thought it worthwhile to post here because it discusses people power, the power of the masses to wage struggle together and make change happen. I defend this sort of struggle, even if it takes up civil disobedience. In fact, I beleive there are situations where taking up arms against oppressors or occupiers is necessary and defendable.

Today I am only talking of the combined forces that make up the opposition to oil pipeline expansion in my region.

Just Peace -imperialism defined

I'm working with two groups that are developing a working definition of imperialism to share. We have formed a Just Peace Committee. More on that later. Also, we are preparing to lead a workshop to discuss what imperialism is and what it is doing today.

Reviewing this definition, it is plain to see that it is inherently violent. It is necessarily full of conflict and it is defended militarily. Seeking to overtake and control territorial, economic and social spaces wherever it can, it conflicts with other social orders.

Just Peace - militarization trend


This link will take you to slides showing the top military budgets and largest military forces around the world. With a budget of $588 billion, the US outspends other countries several times over, with respect to military spending. Another shocking fact is the large spending by countries with mass poverty, namely India and Indonesia. However, the US is outdone in terms of size of military forces; Vietnam and the Koreas keep over five million personnel in service by conscription.

just peace - Khalistan

When PM Trudeau visited India this past week, Khalistan came up. Trudeau was accused by the Indian government of consorting with a terrorists, namely an accused murderer. Let's do a reality check to see if the word "terrorism" is valid and review what the movement for Khalistan is.

First, let's be clear that Hindus by religion and language have the most power in India, although there are several religions and languages. While the Khalistan movement pushes for an independent state for followers of Sikhism, conversely, many Hindus push for a Hindu only Hindustan.

Just peace -Venezuela solidarity

With threats against Venezuela and an encirclement of US and allied military, there is an appeal to prevent a military invasion of Venezuela. Here is a letter for wide circulation, which you may share.

Letter in Support of Mediation in Venezuela, not Sanctions

We urge the United States and Canadian governments to immediately remove their illegal sanctions against Venezuela and to support efforts at mediation between the government of Venezuela and the nonviolent segments of the political opposition.

Just Peace -Canadian helicopters for Philippines

I drafter this letter to the government concerning the pending sale of 16 helicopters to the Philippines. This is a country with a terrible record of human rights abuses and terror because of uprisings and protest movements seeking social equality, livelihoods, land, democracy and real peace.

February 08, 2018
Hon. Harjit Singh Sajjan
Minister of Defense, Canada
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Re: sale of Canadian military aviation equipment to the Republic of the Philippines

Just Peace - self-exploration

I wrote some advice for my nephew. Recently leaving secondary school, he is flummoxed about what to do with his life. He had some sketchy idea about pursuing one of the sciences, probably pushed a little by his parents, but backed out, taking a retail sales job instead. He does not know what to do.

I think he is hiding things on/ in his mind but not telling his parents. Sometimes I think he is just saying something to provided an expected answer, and sometimes maybe what he thinks others think he should be saying.

Just Peace -comradeship

Comradeship is a very special kind of friendship which relatively few people know, I think. I am speaking of the relationship among activists who work together for some causes. It is deeper if you share a perspective, particularly a radical perspective that challenges conventional and questions the foundations of society; that is to say in struggle to reorient and alter society in positive ways. 

People in those types of communities working for those kinds of purposes are guided by deep concern and compassion for the suffering and oppressed nations and sections of societies.

Just Peace -citizen journalists

I have been reading a collection of essays and sociological research papers on trends in journalism. The authors of this collection specifically raise questions about claims of objectivity and weigh the validity of allowing or admitting subjectivity in news reporting. 

Generally, they agree that objectivity never was. Established news media, state and corporate, have claimed and striven for objectivity but, naturally, select topics and sources, and colour news with opinion, overtly or not. They were to be unquestioned for being professional and knowledgable.

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