Barbara Waldern - learning,  language, culture specialist
Professor of English as a Foreign Language and New Author
Specialization: teaching the spoken and written language of English to foreigners, anthropology of education, community, language and change, globalization and policy, and creative writing.
With years of experience in teaching ESL and EFL, and a history of academic research and writing complemented by a masters degree in social science as wells as two undergraduate degrees (French and social policy), I possess  high level writing, teaching and analytical skills to teach, explore policy, cultural interaction and societal change, research and report, and assist with career planning. I have also been devoted to creative writing since 2008.
A former ESL instructor for adults in Canada (1980s to 1990s), I have been an  Assistant Professor at the International Language Education Center, Busan University of Foreign Studies since March 1, 2009. I also edit translations for Language Park on a part-time basis. I hold a recent TEFL certificate. Before going overseas, I worked in education research after being a teaching assistant and serving the instructor's union. I continue to present at conferences and publish academic and policy articles. I have worked in government employment and education services as well as alternative media. I have served as a volunteer in the field of human rights and other causes for over 20 years.
2013resumebw.doc (DOC — 841 KB)

Service capacity:
  • Instruction or tutoring in EFL, ESL, social and cultural studies, French, study and teaching skills, essay writing in English, and literature studies
  • Writing and editing
  • Social research and policy analysis, and report writing
  • Homestay support
  • Consultations on teaching English abroad
References available.
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